How do I conduct a coaching session with a contact center agent?

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WHAT IS IT? coaching is a feedback session to an agent about his work for a certain period.


HOW OFTEN? A personal coach session is held at least once a month. Every effort is made to ensure that the conversation is confidential and conducted in a separate room.


WHAT ARE WE DISCUSSING? Agenda of coaching session is usually composed from the following items:

  • randomly listened by manager calls and / or verified chats, emails with their subsequent assessment (Observation checklist)
  • personal key indicators (KPI) of the agent in the project
  • technical data of compliance with the schedule and personal breaks.

It is important to get a diverse sample of cases for the Observation checklist – for this matter we select different days of the week, time (morning / evening) and duration of calls / chats.


HOW DOES IT HAPPEN? The agent quietly listens to the tapes and / or rereads his letters. At the same time, he critically evaluates and marks the places that can be improved, if any. The discussion begins with the agent’s assessment of the results of his work. We check the understanding of the work, procedures in general, the desire to learn and improve and the importance of this work for a person. After that, coach points out those aspects which were not noticed by the agent and gives an explanation of how they can be improved. Positive aspects of the agent’s work are definitely noted.

When Observation checklist is assessed, KPI indicators are discussed. The coach gives recommendations for performance enhancement and gives a credit for met KPI’s, also touches on the topic of adherence to the schedule and breaks (even if the agent is doing well with these indicators, then this aspect is used as an additional reason to praise and acknowledge the good work of the agent). The agent will be pleased that the company and managers see and appreciate these achievements, and it will remind him that this indicator is controlled.


As a result, we stipulate a further improvement strategy, namely: specific steps and clear terms, which are subject to mandatory verification in the future.

Preferably session is ending with casual talk about agent’s interests, questions or doubts, complaints or suggestions. Future plans and arrangements (such as vacations or exam periods for students) are also discussed in this part of session. Our task is to convey to the employee that coaching session is a chance for learning and development! Allocated personal time for feedback and help! Not a punishment!



  1. Teach to work in professional way. We teach without focusing on mistakes.
  2. Praise. Mark points that you think are great and encourage the agent to keep up the good work in the future.

If we are only talking about mistakes, this is definitely not a coaching session.


WHY IS IT IMPORTANT? The employee analyzes his actions and evaluates the result, which motivates him to become better.

An equally important factor is personal communication between management and employees. Dialogue with coach helps the agent to open up and feel supported.

Come and don’t be afraid to ask! You are not alone, you work in a team!

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